Product Information – All Ceramic Metal Free

IPS e.max Press – Glass Ceramic

image006The innovative lithium dislicate glass-ceramic provides accuracy of fit, function & aesthetics. It is minimally invasive and has a high fitting accuracy. A popular choice for veneers, Emax Press is ideal for anterior restorations as a porcelain layer is only applied to the labial surface not the biting surface therefore the restoration is less likely to chip

IPS e.max ZirCad – Zironium Oxide

image008A quality branded Zirconia with high flexural strength in excess of 1000mpa. Outstanding aesthetics & biocompatibility providing excellent results.

Zr Life – Zirconium Oxide

image012High quality affordable Zirconium oxide ‘metal free’ restorations, milled using Cad-Cam techniques. High flexural strength 1000mpa +., Outstanding marginal fit & aesthetics. No gum recession. 5 year patient guarantee

3M Espe Lava – Zirconium Oxide

image020Lava is a premium branded Zirconia which provides a precise fit, proven strength & natural aesthetics. Flexural strength of over 1000mpa. A Lava authentication label is issued with each framework & a 5 year guarantee card.

Opalite – Solid Zirconia

image022 Opalite is a solid zirconia crown which means there is no porcelain layer. This makes it stronger with a flexural strength in excess of 1000mpa. It is an ideal alternative to Gold Crowns and is ideal for Bruxers. Opalite can fit in an occlusal reduction as small as 0.7mm. Opalite has a pearlescent finish.

Gradia – Composite inc. Fibre re-inforcements

image028GC Gradia is a high strength cost effective micro-hybrid composite compatible with fibre-reinforcement systems i.e. stick tech and dentapreg- ideal for Maryland bridges. It is nearly twice as strong as direct Gradia and is kind to opposing dentition and has a natural opalescence & lifelike aesthetics. It can be repaired with direct composite whilst in situ and glazed and sealed with G-Coat for added protection. Gradia gum is also available.

Overview & Benefits of All-Ceramic Metal Free Restorations

  • A translucency that allows light to pass through the restoration giving a natural appearance illuminating the gingival region and creating an outstanding aesthetic result
  • Biocompatibility – no allergy. Unlike bonded restorations there is no gingival recession, ensuring long-term aesthetic results.
  • Stronger sheer and flexural strength with all Zirconium Oxide products exceeding a flexural strength of 1000mpa.
  • Zirconia products & Emax press come with a patient 5 year guarantee card for the substructure.